DieHard Batteries Live Up To Their Name

DieHard Batteries Live Up To Their Name

Chris   August 04, 2010  
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How can a company prove to you, that their product is the best on the market? These days they do it by throwing said product off of a roof, down some stairs, or out of a moving vehicle; and get the whole thing on video. Those are just some of the crazy things we have seen these past few years. In the end we get to see a video that is both informative and entertaining. The DieHard Torture Labs showcases some crazy videos of their own, including powering a total of 24 cars off of a single battery and providing some musical bliss in the process. One of the more shocking videos is of a .458 caliber bullet round almost completely cutting through a DieHard battery. Even though the battery was now bifurcated, it still had enough strength to start a pick-up truck on the first try. It is hard to argue with those kind of results.

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