DeWALT Launches 31-Piece Compact Tough Bit Case Kits

DeWALT Launches 31-Piece Compact Tough Bit Case Kits
Chris   June 24, 2013  
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DeWALT 31-Piece Tough Case

We all need to use bit tips on the jobsite, and probably more than one type. To make sure you are covered, DeWALT has come out with three new 31-piece bit sets that meet the needs of three different trade types. They also housed them in a new smaller Tough Case so you know they will stay organized even if they spend their days riding around in the back of a pickup.

I reviewed the original Tough Case a long while ago and it is still holding up very well. I am often frustrated with the cases that come with so many bit sets, so I have high hopes that DeWALT got it right. Why else would they go to so much trouble as to make a whole new Tough Case? The new case also has a see-through case lid, and a belt clip for extra convenience.

The three different sets cover different trade uses, for example: The DWAX100 comes with bits used by contractors, the DWAX200 has security bits for mechanical or electrical trades, and the DWAX100IR comes with bits that are impact rated. All three kits are available now and should retail for $10 to $12.

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