DeWalt Expands Their 12V Max And 20V Max Tool Lines

DeWalt Expands Their 12V Max And 20V Max Tool Lines
Chris   February 08, 2012  
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DeWalt Expands Their 12V Max And 20V Max Tool Lines

Today DeWalt showed us that there are not messing around and they are willing to compete with the other brands to win you over. They were a little behind and had to play catch up with their 18-volt slide-style battery tools known to us as 20V Max, but it looks like they have kept their engineers busy to keep the 20V Max selection growing fast. It was back in June 2011 when DeWalt first introduced their 20V Max tool line and now, only 8 months later, they are expanding on their line with 8 new 20V tools.

DeWalt 20V Max DCF895 Brushless Impact Driver

Brushless tools appear to be the next step in tool evolution, and DeWalt is on top of their game by introducing their brushless impact now. Brushless tools are one of the features I see requested the most, and if you are not offering it when people want it, they might look elsewhere. DeWalt's brushless impact has their 8 month old DCF885 20V Max impact beat across the board in features. The new DCF895 offers a 57% longer run-time versus DeWalt brushed impacts and is smaller than their previous model by more than 1/4-inch. A one-handed push-button chuck is completely new to the DCF895 and is like nothing I have seen before. DeWalt also added an impact selection switch to their new gun that allows users to select the right amount of impacts for the task at hand' (0-950 RPM; 500 inch/pounds Max Torque), (0-1,900 RPM; 900 inch/pounds Max Torque) and (0-2850 RPM; 1,500 inch/pounds Max Torque). The new Brushless Impacts will be available in three versions: the DCF895C2 ($280) comes with two 1.5Ah batteries, the DCF895L2 ($350) with two 3.0Ah batteries, and the DCF895B ($170) as a bare tool. I should also note that these impacts come with DeWalt's new batteries with built-in fuel gauge. Look for all three in stores in April 2012.

DeWalt 20V Max DCF883 Compact 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench

A new Impact Wrench has also been announced from Dewalt. It features a magnesium gear case, all metal transmission, and heavy duty impact mechanism, and provides 1,560 in/lbs of torque at 2,700 impact per minute. The overall design is similar to the DeWalt impact drivers, with the main difference being the chuck. This model is not brushless and is probably more akin to the 8 month old impact driver. The kit (DCF883L2) will include two 3.0Ah fuel gauge batteries, charger and case, and is expected to retail for $270. A bare tool (DCF883B) will also be available for $130.

DeWalt 20V Max DCF889 1/2-Inch High Torque Impact Wrenches

If you want even more torque, check the 20V Max cordless 1/2-inch Impact Wrench from DeWalt. It delivers 300 foot pounds of torque at 1,650 RPM's and 2,600 IPM's. Again, design wise the full line of impacts are all very similar. The DCF889 is available in two models, one with a hog ring anvil (DCF889HL2), and one with a detent pin (DCF889L2). Both feature the same internals that include a magnesium gear case, all metal transmission, and come with 3.0Ah fuel gauge batteries, and storage bag. MSRP for both are $330, and $170 for the bare tool. They should be in stores this June.

DeWalt 20V Max DCS373 Metal Cutting Circular Saw

The DCS373 is a 5-1/2-inch metal cutting cordless saw that has been specifically designed for quick, clean cuts in ferrous materials like electrical conduit, metal plate, pan decking, threaded rod, and more. The saw delivers a max output of 460 watts and 3,700 revolutions per minute. A high strength steel shoe was used on the saw that can resist the abuse that can occur while cutting metal. To ensure maximum visibility, the DCS373 features a built-in LED light with a 20-second off delay, and a Multi-Coated Sight-Line window provides a clear view while keeping sparks away from the user. Hitting stores this July, the kit (DCS373L2) will retail for around $360, and includes two 3.0Ah fuel gauge batteries, charger, 5-1/2-inch carbide tipped metal cutting blade, and kit box. The Bare tool DCS373B should cost about $200. Both will be available this April.

DeWalt 20V Max DCS331 Cordless Jigsaw

DeWalt's new 20V Max Cordless Jigsaw looks very similar to their older XRP 18-volt model, and since that one has received pretty good reviews, I would hope for similar results from the new DCS331. One thing you will notice with these DeWalt jigsaws is the amount of visible metal. This is because of an all-metal lever action keyless blade change system, as well as all all-metal keyless shoe bevel system with 15, 30, and 45-degree detents. Power wise, the DCS331 has a variable speed output of 0-3,000 strokes per minute, combined with a four position orbital action. An adjustable blower can be used to keep the dust and debris off of your cut line. The DES331L1 kit includes a single 20V Max fuel gauge battery, a charger, a jigsaw blade, and a storage box. Suggested retail for the kit is $280, and the tool only DCS311B is $150. These should be available this April.

DeWalt 20V Max DCG412 4-1/2-Inch Cut-Off Tool

Cordless grinders are pretty handy tools to have around, so I am sure DeWalt 20V Max users will be happy to have the DCG412 4-1/2-inch Cut-Off (grinder) tool available to them. The DCG412 delivers 6,500 RPM's that should provide for some quick grinding and cutting action. The tool features a Quick-Change wheel release system that enables wrench free wheel changes, though a wrench will still be required for other attachments. A tool-free adjustment guard is fast and easy enough to use that it should prevent you from working dangerously without it. Two handle positions are available on the DCG412, one on each side, though I am surprised to not see a third for vertical cutting. Look for the DCG412 in stores this May. The DCG412L2 kit ($300) will include two 20V Max fuel gauge 3.0Ah batteries, a charger, a wrench, a Type 1 cutting guard, a handle, and a contractor bag. The bare tool DCG412B will retail for approximately $120 and will come with a wrench, a Type 1 cutting guard, and a handle.

DeWalt 20 Volt Max Slide Battery Pack with Fuel Gauge

All of the tools above come with the new Fuel Gauge battery packs from DeWalt. The packs feature a gauge system that displays the current level of charge by using a series of three green LED lights. Pushing a button on the battery pack will activate the LED lights to display the charge level. The packs should be available this June. DeWalt has also announced that all 20V Max tools currently sold with the older 3.0Ah batteries, will now be sold with the newer Fuel Gauge batteries. Tools that come with 1.5Ah batteries will not get the Fuel Gauge upgrade.

DeWalt 20V Max Combination Dual Port Fast Charger

DeWalt's Dual Port charger not only charges both 20V Max and 12V Max tools, but it can also charge all of the legacy 7.2, 9.6, 14.4, and 18-volt stem pack batteries. This charger should make it easier for existing DeWalt users to slowly upgrade to DeWalt 20V Max tools over time. The charger is expected to hit store shelves this April with a price tag of $99.

DeWalt 12 Volt Max DCS310 Pivot Reciprocating Saw

Don't have a need for a full sized reciprocating saw? I find these smaller ultra compact reciprocating saws to be the perfect solution to lighter duty misc. cutting tasks. The DCS310 has some pretty cool features that make even better for the person who needs to get into tight spaces. The saw features a pivoting three position handle that makes the saw more comfortable to use in any situation. An on board LED light can help you illuminate those dark tight spaces. To get the job done, the saw uses a 9/16-inch stroke length at 0-2,700 strokes per minute.

The DCS310 will be available in April 2012. The kit (DCS310S1) will include one 12V Max 1.5Ah battery, a charger, one four-inch six TPI wood cutting blade, one four-inch 18 TPI metal cutting blade and a kit bag. The kit is expected to retail for around $150. The DCS310 will also be offered in a few 12V Max combo kits, including the DCK212S2 ($199.00), a two tool combo kit featuring the 12V Max 3/8" Drill/Driver (DCD710), and the DCK413($279.00), a four tool combo kit complete with the 12V Max Drill/Driver (DCD710), 3/8" Impact Wrench (DCF813) and the 12VMax LED Work Light (DCL510).


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