Cylinder Mill Turns Table Saw Into Lathe

Cylinder Mill Turns Table Saw Into Lathe
Chris   August 07, 2013  
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I spend quite a bit of time on the internet searching for new or interesting tools to share, but I can't find them all. Thankfully Tool-Rank has readers that also send in their finds. Yesterday a tipster sent in a link to a unique tool that turns your table saw into a lathe of sorts.

The tool, called the Cylinder Mill, is sort of like a hand powered lath that uses the blade of the table saw to do all of the cutting. A simple crank mechanism is used to turn the wood by hand, while at the same time you push the jig though the table saw. The height of the blade is what determines the size of the turning, which can range from about 1-inch up to about 12-inches.

This is probably not a tool that everyone would find useful, but at $159 is seems like a bargain for those that would. It could be a real time saver for rustic building.

BUY – Cylinder Mill

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