Cute 10.8 Volt Radio From Makita UK

Cute 10.8 Volt Radio From Makita UK
Chris   February 02, 2012  
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Cute 10.8 Volt Radio From Makita UK

Having a radio going while you work is like being inside a time warp. There is something about the music that makes the time just a little bit faster. But hauling a big radio onto the jobsite is the last thing on my mind when I have to unload a miter saw, air compressor and my other tools. Size is the reason I have not purchased a jobsite radio, but the latest radio from Makita UK is small enough to possibly be my first.

The introduction of the smaller 10.8-volt batteries brought us a few smaller radios from the tool manufactures over the last few years, but the Makita MR051 is the smallest yet. Cute is a word I rarely use, but what else would you call something so small? The radio is powered by a single 10.8V battery, and packs in two 1.5W speakers. It features an AM/FM digital tuner, AUX input, and a built in hanging hook. The sad part is the rather short 2-hour continuous run time that will have you changing batteries all day. Still it is pretty cool, though I would rather have a radio this small that runs off an 18v battery.

The MR051 is not available in the US yet, but if you can't wait, you can order one from buy ToolStop for $46 + S/H and have them ship it across the pond.

Via ToolStop Blog

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