Customize Your Extension Cords

Customize Your Extension Cords

Chris   December 19, 2011  
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Walking onto a commercial jobsite you might find 50 or more extension cords being used throughout the site with many of them looking the same as the others. At the end of the day, when these cords are covered in a layer of dust, it can be tricky figuring out which cords are yours. One solution is to show up to the job with a completely unique cord that has been customized to your specifications.

Kustom Kords is a new custom cord service that is being offered by Ohio Power Tool and it might just save you from getting into an unneeded jobsite argument, or the loss of an expensive cord.

By customizing extension cords specifically for your company you can put your name and info right on the cord as well as select custom colors to make it very clear to identify which cords are yours. This dramatically reduces theft as well as saves time and prevents potential conflict when multiple companies are operating in close proximity. - CopTool

I have had someone unplug and start using one of my power cords because they thought it was their own. Lucky for them I am a non-violent person. One of the worst things you can do is unplug a person's cord when they are making a cut, so custom cords can really prevent jobsite fights. The only downside to Kustom Kords is that you will have to buy a large quantity.

Via CopTool

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