Craftsman Tools To Be Sold At Ace Hardware Stores

Craftsman Tools To Be Sold At Ace Hardware Stores

Chris   February 23, 2010  
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You heard me correctly; this is some truly socking news coming from both companies. The Craftsman name is so linked to Sears, it almost hard to picture it inside of another store. It is almost like pouring Coke into a Pepsi cup, it is just wrong.

Starting in May of this year, 100 select Ace stores will begin selling Craftsman products. My guess would be stores not near current Sears stores. The Ace stores will carry Craftsman hand tools, portable power tools, compressors, vacs, and tool storage; so pretty much everything. Then starting in June, Craftsman will be running a promotion for select tools in which all 4500 Ace stores will have the opportunity to participate.

“This is an exciting, strategic move that expands access to Craftsman for existing and new customers,” said Bruce Johnson, interim chief executive officer and president for Sears Holdings. “Offering an assortment of Craftsman products more broadly through Ace locations will strengthen the Craftsman brand, which already has an incredible reputation for innovation, quality and trust”.

This sounds like a smart move for Craftsman and a smart move for Ace Hardware, but is it a smart move for Sears. As long as they are not competing with themselves, I think they should be OK. But, could this be the sign of a dying Sears, or am I reading to much into everything.

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