Craftsman ACCUTRAC Laser Measure

Craftsman ACCUTRAC Laser Measure

Chris   September 07, 2010  
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Craftsman has just entered the laser measuring market, which would normally be good news, but in this case, Craftsman has me wondering why they even bothered. It is not as though the new laser measurer is a bad tool, it is just a tool that has too little to offer for its price in today's market. A mispriced tool, as it were. At a price just shy of $100, the Craftsman Accutrac laser measurer can measure distances of up to 100 feet, calculates length, area, volume, does Pythagorean measuring and even has a backlit LCD screen. Sounds great right? Well the down side is the accuracy of +/- 1/8-inch. Like I said, it is not a bad tool, it just doesn't offer the same amount of features and accuracy that are currently being offered by their competitors at the same price.

Drop the price down to $50 or so, and I would say that the tool fits the price. But at $100 it seems as though Craftsman is just gunning for a wider profit margin. If anything this article reminds us of the importance of researching before you buy, or at least before the end of your stores return date.

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