Cool New Take On The Sawhorse

Cool New Take On The Sawhorse
Chris   July 11, 2013  
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centipede sawhorse

Inventor Ed Adkins has come out with what he has named the Centipede Sawhorse, but there is one problem, though it seems to be able to do all the things a sawhorse is capable of doing, it looks nothing like a sawhorse. But who says a sawhorse has to look like a horse?

Though many of us use sawhorses to break down sheet goods on the job site, they are not always well suited for the task. Thin sheets might sag in the middle, which would require either a third saw horse, or some other type of support. The Centipede Sawhorse is a completely unique design that folds up to be compact, yet provides support for a full 4' x 8' sheet with 15 points of contact. This is possible by using an expanding design similar an expanding gate or easy-up canopy.

The points of contact are topped with Polymer that is soft enough to be cut right through without damage to your saw or saw blade, and they also accept accessories to further expand the capabilities of the Centipede Sawhorse. Bench clamps would allow the user to hold down materials for extra stability, while X-Cups are designed to hold standard 2 x 4 boards.

Right now the Centipede Sawhorse is a prototype that is seeking funding on IndieGoGo. To get a smaller 2' x 4' model you will have to pledge $60. A pledge of $120 could get you two 2' x 4' models or one of the 4' x 8' models. There are also other pledge options that offer the Centipede Sawhorse and the accessories mentioned.

Centipede Sawhorse

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