Cool Machine Rolls Out The Red Brick Carpet

Cool Machine Rolls Out The Red Brick Carpet
Chris   November 22, 2010  
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tiger stone brick machine

Pavers look great and last a long time, but they are so often underused because of the high cost of labor. This is unfortunate, because these works of art offer almost endless pattern choices and beautiful design options. In Europe, where brick pavers are commonly used on road ways, any way to speed up this labor intensive job is always welcomed.

In Europe this once slow and tedious task is now a breeze thanks to the Dutch made Tiger-Stone. This brick laying machine takes most of the manual labor out of the job thanks to great engineering. The Tiger-Stone works by gravity feeding a pattern of bricks down a chute and onto the roadway while moving backwards. This pattern is set by 1 or more workers that ride on the machine. The width of the chute can be adjusted to accommodate varying street sizes up to 6 meters wide. A sensor on the back allows the Tiger-Stone to follow a curb automatically without human steering.

Could this be the answer to brick or stone streets in the USA?

Tiger-Stone (Dutch) – via inhabitat


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