C.H. Hanson Reinvents The Level

C.H. Hanson Reinvents The Level

Chris   June 02, 2009  
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C.H. Hanson Precision Ball Level

The level has been around for hundreds of years, and its design has not changed much; until now. C.H. Hanson has taken a little bit of aviation technology and incorporated it into their new level design by replacing the standard vial with a 2-toned black and white self leveling ball.

"It might be an understatement to say there have been very few changes in the level category over the years," said Walt Sedlacek, C.H. Hanson vice president marketing and product development. "But now with the introduction of the Precision Ball Level, there is a tool that is innovating the category by showcasing multiple new features never seen before on a level."

The ball, which is floating in some type of liquid, will always remain level with the horizon. This new level design allows it to do a few things other levels can not. Using the markings around the ball, you can easily measure angles and pitches. This would come in handy anytime you need to set something at a specific angle. You can also use this feature to check and match existing angles and degrees. The thing I like the most, is the high visibility the ball design offers.

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