California Table Saw Safety Mandate AB 2218 Dies

California Table Saw Safety Mandate AB 2218 Dies

Chris   September 07, 2012  
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RIP AB2218

It is usually a sad day when something dies, but today we rejoice at the fact that the purposed table saw safety mandate, here in California, has died. One battle down, but we are still in a war.

When we last heard about bill AB 2218 it was well on its way to becoming California law. It had made it through the state Assembly 64-4 and even cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee. But that is as far as it would go. It sat on the State Senate floor for over three weeks without ever seeing the light of day and died at the end of the legislative session. Its turns out there was enough opposition from the few Republicans still left in the state and even a few business-friendly Democrats.

This is not over though; we still have to worry about the CPSC and what possible actions they might take. This is a much bigger issue because their actions will affect the entire country. Our side needs to point out to them that table saws are safer than ever, and most table saw injuries come from misuse. At least California residents will be able to purchase reasonably priced table saws for a couple more years.

via LA Times

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