Bosch Stop Collar Bits For Concrete Drilling

Bosch Stop Collar Bits For Concrete Drilling
Chris   May 03, 2011  
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Bosch Stop Bits

Drilling into concrete is no major ordeal, that is, unless you drill too far and hit a post-tension cable. If you do that, you might as well just quit your job on the spot. Of course a simple preventative measure is to use the depth stop that came with your rotary hammer, but those often get lost, then all you have is a piece of tape on the bit to mark your depth.

Bosch has a better way; their new precision stop bits take all of the guess work out of drilling, and feature built in stop collars. These collars are not adjustable (cause those could slip), no, you buy the depth & hole size you need. Buy a couple of the sizes you use most for the anchors you use, and you are all set. The carbide-tipped steel bits are available in 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8" sizes at depths ranging from 13/16" to 2-1/16". According to Bosch, their Stop Bit line covers more then 80% of all requirements for drop in anchors.

If you need visuals, Bosch's Joe The Pro has you covered.

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