Bosch Shows Off Their Dust Collection Systems At World Of Concrete

Bosch Shows Off Their Dust Collection Systems At World Of Concrete
Chris   January 26, 2012  
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Bosch Shows Off Their Dust Collection Systems At World Of Concrete

Dust collection systems, attachments and accessories always seem to be popular at the World of Concrete trade show. With concrete being the main ingredient of the show, there is bound to be a fair amount of concrete dust, so it is only obvious to showcase tools that help clean it up. Bosch has come out with a number of new DC products that are sure to be welcomed by the people that would normally have to work in a cloud of dust.

The first step in dust collection is the duct collector. Bosch introduced their new 13-gallon 3931A-PB Airsweep Wet/Dry vacuum that is capable of capturing 99.997% of all contamination particles that are 0.3 microns or larger when used with their HEPA Filter. The vac features Pulse-Clean, an electromagnet system that shakes the filter cartridges to remove dust and maintain suction. Another cool feature is a built in sensor that shuts the vac off when the water level reaches its maximum level.

If you want to collect dust from a demolition or rotary hammer, Bosch's HDC (Hammer Dust Collection) attachment can help you do just that. Its universal design enables it to fit a range of different sized rotary and demo hammers, and can be adjusted to fit a variety of bit lengths. It features a spring loaded dust shroud that retracts to accommodate different drilling depths. The HDC comes in a few options to fit your need of chiseling (HDC-C1), drilling and chiseling (HDC-D1), or straight demolition use (HDC-D2).

For the people that do concrete grinding, Bosch has a couple of dust collector shrouds for you. They came out with both 5-inch (USG-5) and 7-inch (USG-7) shrouds that Bosch says will fit most grinders on the market. The shrouds are made of tough polycarbonate that offers maximum durability and feature a removable nose piece that still allows you to get into those tight places.

Both the Vac and the HDC's are out now, but the USG's will not be out until May 2012.

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