Bosch Quick Change Hole Saws

Bosch Quick Change Hole Saws

Chris   January 02, 2009  
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photo_bimetal_2Anyone that uses more then one hole saw throughout the day knows what a hassle it is to change to a different size. I use three sizes for my normal work, often switching between them a couple dozen times a day, and all that time adds up.

For every problem, there is often a solution, and the Bosch Quick Change System might be that solution. I have seen the Bosch Quick Change Hole Saw System in the hardware stores for a while now, but I never really gave them a good look. They act much like a quick release chuck for your drill, making things a lot simpler.

The best part is you can use this technology on your existing holes saw using an adapteralt, then when you need a replacement you can buy the new Quick Change Hole Saws.

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