Bosch L-Boxx Coming To The USA This September

Bosch L-Boxx Coming To The USA This September

Chris   June 08, 2010  
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I talked about the Sortimo L-Boxx a bit a few months back, and also about the Bosch version being introduced in Europe. At the recent Bosch event, the media got the first news that these Boxxes are indeed on their way to the USA. To be honest, I never thought the Bosch version of the L-Boxx would make it across the pond, as the Systainer never did. So why the L-boxx and not the Systainer? Maybe Bosch just didn't want to use the same box as Festool.

The Bosch L-Boxx is not just a typical Sortimo L-Boxx colored blue with a fancy red Bosch logo. There is actually a simple change/addition that makes the Bosch version more suitable for workers. You will notice that the two smaller sizes of the Bosch L-Boxx have a handle in the front, that allow users to carry the case vertically. This is something the Sortimo L-Boxx currently does not offer. Also, as you have seen before, the cases can latch together and are stack-able.

Bosch will kick off the L-Boxx line with the introduction of three tool kits. The PS31 12-volt Drill + L-Boxx will be available starting this September as Model PS31-2AL, Price $159. The PS50 12-volt Multi-X + L-Boxx will also be out this September as Model PS50-2BL, Price $199. Third is a Bosch jig saw as Model 1590EVSKL coming this October, Price $199. Hopefully Bosch will start using these cases for all future tools.

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