Bosch GLL3-80 Does 360 Degree Laser Lines On 3 Axes

Bosch GLL3-80 Does 360 Degree Laser Lines On 3 Axes

Chris   October 26, 2010  
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Bosch has been really impressive this past year with their advancements in laser technology. First they came out with the GLL2-80 which was an amazing product that projected a self leveling solid 360-degree laser line in both horizontal and vertical planes. Now, Bosch has announced the GLL3-80 laser, which adds a third vertical axis laser line to the original Gll2-80's horizontal and vertical lines. The addition of the third axis gives the GLL3-80 laser the ability to project 90-degree "square" lines on the floor, walls and ceiling at the same time. The old version could only do square lines on walls.

Just last month my Father and I were trying to figure out how we could accomplish what the GLL3-80 can do, by using an old 5-point laser and a newer cross-line laser. Even when using multiple lasers, we could not come up with something that would work very well for his needs.

The GLL3-80 takes everything that is great about a five point laser (squaring, plumbing points) and combines it with everything that is great about a cross-line laser (solid lines on two axes), then kicks it up a notch with its 360-degrees of greatness. This makes me very happy as a finish carpenter.

The GLL3-80 comes complete with a hard carrying case, the WM1 micro-adjustable positioning bracket,  and an instruction manual.  AA batteries included. Look for it in stores later this fall.

{slide=Press Release} Mount Prospect, Ill., October 25 – Building on the success of the revolutionary GLL2-80 360-degree line laser earlier this year, Bosch Measuring Tools introduces the GLL3-80 3-Plane Hybrid Line Laser. The new laser is nearly identical to the GLL2-80, except the GLL3-80 utilizes an additional laser diode to deliver full 360-degree coverage on two perpendicular vertical planes and one horizontal plane.

By providing five cross points and self-leveling lines in 360 degrees, the GLL3-80 makes layout, leveling and squaring a breeze for cabinet installers, finish carpenters, remodelers, electricians and others. Unlike traditional cross line lasers, the GLL3-80 allows the operator to position the unit over one reference mark and provide two 900 layout lines from one setup point. Because the GLL3-80 projects in all directions three axis planes simultaneously, and the tool can be quickly switched between triple axis-plane, vertical-only and horizontal-only modes, the user can complete an entire room from a single setup point.

Like the GLL2-80, the GLL3-80 utilizes Bosch patented Cone Mirror Technology, rather than rotating diodes, to project bright laser "chalk lines" in 360 degrees. By reducing the number of moving parts, Bosch produced a laser layout tool that is more compact, lighter, easier to calibrate, and simpler to use than a traditional rotary laser.

The GLL3-80 can be mounted in multiple ways for added versatility. The base of the unit is designed to enable either freestanding operation or magnetic attachment to metal tracking. The unit can also be mounted to a standard tripod; the base accommodates both ¼-20" and 5/8-11" tripod mounting. By incorporating the included WM1 Positioning Device with a micro-fine height adjustment, users can dial in their preferences even further.

For bright light conditions and/or long distance (up to 265 feet) applications, the GLL3-80 can be used in pulse laser receiver mode in conjunction with the optional LR2 laser receiver. Single-button operation and a compact design make setup, operation and storage simple, regardless of application. Bosch's Smart Pendulum Leveling System quickly levels the unit for use and alerts the user with both blinking lines and an audible alarm if an out-of-level situation occurs. Once leveled, the GLL3-80 is accurate to within 1/4" over its 100-foot range (in normal mode). A secure transport lock protects the pendulum when the unit is switched off.

As with all Bosch products for pro users, durability is important. In addition to the secure transport lock to protect the pendulum, Bosch has built the GLL3-80 to meet rigorous IP54 standards for water and dust protection. The easy-to-grip rubber housing further protects the GLL3-80 from jobsite drops and abuse. This ensures precise and reliable service over the lifespan of the tool.

The GLL3-80 comes complete with a hard carrying case, the WM1 micro-adjustable positioning bracket, an instruction manual and four AA batteries. The BP350 telescoping pole system for laser tools from Bosch Accessories is recommended for use with the GLL3-80.

The GLL3-80 will be available nationwide this fall. To find out more or to find a local dealer, users may visit or call 877-BOSCH-99. {/slide}