Bosch Framing Blade Gets The DareDevil Treatment

Bosch Framing Blade Gets The DareDevil Treatment

Chris   August 18, 2011  
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Bosch has recently announced a new Saw blade that is part of their DareDevil line. The blade is designed to perform better and last longer than other blades on the market, and if they are anything like their DareDevil Spade bits, framers really having something to look forward too. The boost in performance is due partly to features like Bosch's C3 Micrograin Carbide teeth, which are said to not only stay sharper longer, but they can also resist impact damage. Other features include a special coating on the blade that helps to reduce binding in wet or treated lumber, and an extra-hard steel plate that resists bending and deflection. The harder plate also allows the DareDevil Blades to have larger body slots, which are the key to keeping heat down.

"This blade is designed to start sharper and stay sharper ? that's beyond a tagline, it's what framers asked for," said Chris Carlson, Bosch group product manager, circular saw blades. "Due to the number and variety of cuts in a building project, contractors need a blade that cuts smoothly to avoid fatigue and splintering. The hardened thin-kerf plate and body slots deliver durability and a straight, true cut."

I love the Bosch DareDevil Spade bits, so I hope the new saw blades live up to the standards that they have set. The DareDevil Blade is available now at local home centers in a 7-1/4" size 24T, with 10 and 12-inch sizes coming in early 2012.

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