Bosch Expands Click & Go System With L-Rack Drawer Units

Bosch Expands Click & Go System With L-Rack Drawer Units
Chris   September 08, 2013  
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Bosch L-Rack Kit

Bosch has announced that the new Click & Go L-Rack system is now available at authorized retailers. The L-Rack is the newest component to the Click & Go L-BOXX system and is the only component to offer modular drawer functionality.

The L-Rack is modular like other parts of the Click & Go system, but in a more efficient way. Each drawer shelf is a separate piece that can be added one or more at a time. The bottom of the box above acts as the top to the drawer below; what this does is make the system more compact. In case you want to add a top the drawer without having to add a full box, they have a separate L-Rack Top Handle to serve the same purpose.

The L-Rack is sold as individual components (shelf, drawer or I-BOXX, top handle), or it can be purchased in a kit that includes one I-BOXX, two L-Rack drawers, three L-Rack shelves, and one L-Rack top. The kit should retail for about $130, while the individual components range from $20 to $30 a piece.

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