Bosch Diamond Hole Saws With AutoStart

Bosch Diamond Hole Saws With AutoStart

Chris   July 22, 2009  
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Bosch continues to impress me with their ever growing line of cutting and drilling accessories. While most companies only focus on power tools or cutting accessories; Bosch continues to be innovative while making both.

Bosch's new diamond hole saw, like all diamond hole saws is designed for cutting through stone, tile and glass. However the AutoStart accessory is something found in all wood cutting hole saws, that is not found on other diamond hole saws, a centering bit. The AutoStart centering bit should help prevent unwanted skip, drift, and opps marks on your materials surface. That last thing you want is to ruin an expensive stone counter top because of something as simple as a slip of the bit. The AutoStart centering bit doesn't actually drill through the material, instead it creates a small indent. The spring-loaded retractable AutoStart centering bit uses this indent to stay aligned during the drilling process.

The diamond hole saws feature segmented edge that allows water to reach the cutting surface and should reduce heat build up. The diamond hole saws will be available in sizes ranging from 3/16" to 4-1/8" and will feature Bosch's Quick Change System, but the magic is in the AutoStart.

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