Bosch Cordless Metal Shear Hits Europe

Bosch Cordless Metal Shear Hits Europe

Chris   September 17, 2009  
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Bosch GSC cordless metal shear

Bosch is expanding their cordless 10.8 volt line in the UK with the addition of a compact metal shear. Bosch boasts a cutting speed of up to 4 times faster then cutting with hand shears. Considering the tool is doing all the work at a size not much bigger then a hand shear, I would probably be happy if it was only as fast has a hand shear. The faster speed is just an added bonus. If my conversions are correct, it looks like it can cut up to 16 18 gauge steel, and 12 gauge aluminum.

Not all tools make it to the US, but if it doesn't and you really wanted one, it shouldn't be to hard to have one shipped over. Remember the U.S. 12 volt is exactly the same as the 10.8 volt. Video after Read More

Bosch Germany (translated)

Update: It looks like this is US model PS70-2A which lists for $350. Considering they are the only site listing the PS70-2A and Bosch US doesnt even list it, I still think it is probably not yet available. Amazon even removed thier listing for the PS70-2A.

Update Oct. 4 2009: The US model PS70-2A is now listed and available on Amazon, though still not mentioned on the Bosch US website.