Bosch Announces 10-Inch Jigsaw Blades For Extra Deep Cuts

Bosch Announces 10-Inch Jigsaw Blades For Extra Deep Cuts

Chris   October 11, 2012  
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Bosch 10-inch jigsaw blades

What do you do when your jigsaw blade is not long enough? Until now you might have turned to a reciprocating, if you have one. Now with the introduction of a new line of blades from Bosch, you can turn to one of their new 10-inch Extra-Long Precision jigsaw blades.

You might expect a blade this large to really tear up your material, but Bosch says these blades have an aggressive "extra-clean" tooth pattern that offers great cuts in lumber, hardwood, and light metals. The Extra-Long Bosch Precision Jigsaw Blade Line uses the common T-shank connection and are made out of high-carbon steel and features an extra-thick kerf that ensures both strength and heat resistance. Included in the new line are two high-carbon blades that cut wood, a bi-metal blade to cut hardwood, and a fourth bi-metal blade to cut light metals.

These blades should be in stores now. Let me try and get back to you with some model numbers.

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