Bosch adds 14.4 and 18 volt Lithium ion to lineup.

Bosch adds 14.4 and 18 volt Lithium ion to lineup.

Chris   August 28, 2008  
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Bosch Litheon drill/driverWe cant get enough of new tools, and Bosch is not one to let us down. They have announced that in October they will be releasing 6 new Litheon (lithium-ion) drill/drivers; 3 of 14.4 volts, and 3 of 18 volts.

 Introducing the...

  • 18V Litheon BruteTough Hammer Drill/Driver - 17618-01
  • 18V Litheon BruteTough Drill/Driver - 37618-01
  • 14.4V Litheon BruteTough Hammer Drill/Driver - 17614-01
  • 14.4V Litheon BruteTough Drill/Driver - 37614-01

And for the home user...

  • 18V Litheon CompactTough Drill/Driver - 36618-02
  • 14.4V Litheon CompactTough Drill/Driver - 36614-02

Did you notice anything missing? I dont see a cordless impact in the list. :( It seems very odd to me that are not going to have a cordless impact at launch. Do they just not know how invaluable they are, or maybe they just haven't had enough time to catch up with the rest of the field?

I am sure a number of you are wondering why it took Bosch so long to compete with the rest of the lithium-ion boys, but at last, now we have our tools. 

Let us hope they do not disappoint.

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