Blokkz Universal Clamping Block

Blokkz Universal Clamping Block
Chris   May 01, 2012  
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Universal Miter and Angle Clamping Tool

Do you ever have tricky angled joints that you need to clamp together? One of the ways we do this is by saving the cutoff piece and using it to provide a square surface to clamp off of. Well what if you didn't save the cutoffs or you are working in the field with finished materials? The Blokkz UCB Universal Clamping Block is another way to help you with those tricky angles and a lot more.

The Blokkz UCB looks simple enough, but its long surface area combined with the ring on one end allows it to be used to solve a number of tricky clamping situations. From the Blokkz website I can see a few examples of situations that I have run into in the past where my only fix for the problem was to use nails and hope they would do the job. The Bblokkz might not be the ideal clampping solution for all the applications shown, but it is still pretty impressive how many ways the tool can be used.

About $25 gets you a pair of the aluminum Blokkz UCB as well as a pair of neoprene pads that allow you to use the UCB on finished materials. Let's not forget that the Blokkz is also made in the USA.


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