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Blog Cabin Voting Round 3: Some Interior Options

Blog Cabin Voting Round 3: Some Interior Options

Chris   February 04, 2009  
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The last vote ended with the Vaulted-View winning out over the Endless-View, with a total of 1,229,130 votes. Blog Cabin has now entered into round 3 of voting. This time around we have 4 different items to vote on. Below is the list of the 4 new voting options and their choices. Vote Here

Man Cave
  1. Home Theater
  2. Sports Bar
  3. Home Gym
Bathroom Luxury
  1. VibraAcoustic Bath
  2. Steam Shower
  3. Electric Toilet
  4. In-Shower Speakers
  1. Modern Rustic Fireplace
  2. Old Fashioned Fireplace
Cabin Luxury
  1. Multi Room Music System
  2. Advanced Temperature Control
  3. Smart Lighting System

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