Black & Decker Intros Matrix Multi-Head Modular Tool System

Black & Decker Intros Matrix Multi-Head Modular Tool System
Chris   August 21, 2012  
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Black & Decker Intros Matrix Multi-Head Modular Tool System

Black & Decker has just announced their new Matrix Multi-Head modular tool system which will allow users to build up their tool inventory one head at a time. Users will also be able to select the power of the new system by selecting one of three power base units.

Modular tool systems are becoming more popular and they are targeted at the DIY crowd because a system like this allows them to build up their toolbox at a much lower price. What is unique with the Black & Decker Matrix system is the option to choose a 12V Max power base, 20v Max power base, or a 4.0 AMP corded power base. Each head is completely interchangeable through-out all three power base units. All three options come with a Drill/Driver included, and will retail for between $39.99 for the corded to 69.99 for the 20V Max. The various head attachments will retail for between $29-$39. Look for the Black & Decker Matrix cordless system in stores this October while the corded model will come out early next year.

Attachment Options

Impact Driver Attachment

  • Up to 1,300 in-lbs of torque** for tough fastening applications

Oscillating Multi-Tool Attachment

  • Up to 18,500 OPM (oscillations per minute)** for precision and performance when sanding, cutting, scraping, grinding, or paint removal
  • Tool-free release that allows users to quickly change between accessories

Jigsaw Attachment

  • Up to 2,800 SPM (strokes per minute)** for fast straight cutting or detailed curve cutting in wood, metal and plastic

Detail Sander Attachment

  • Compact tool for access into tight spaces

Router Attachment

  • Up to 9,000 RPM (revolutions per minute)**– ideal for use on decorative edging projects, small woodworking projects and more

Trim Saw Attachment

  • Up to 3,400 RPM (revolutions per minute)** for use on plywood, paneling and fence boards
** Depending on power source; specifications provided are for the 20V Max power unit.


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