Bench Paw: Imitation Or Innovation?

Bench Paw: Imitation Or Innovation?

Chris   September 16, 2010  
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The Rockler Bench Cookie has been a popular tool at the work place, so it was probably inevitable that a product would come out to directly compete with it. The Bench Paws from Woodworkers Supply have taken their inspiration from gripping power of dog feet, but does this new design really offer any new benefits?

Woodworkers Supply says this paw design offer greater holding strength because the open pads allow dust to fall through and between the toes of the micro-textured traction surfaces. The pads are also designed to let users insert a common 3/8" dowel to elevate your work piece for painting or other finishing needs. This same hole can be used to screw the Paws to your work surface for more permanent applications. The Bench Paws even include on-board storage for the dowels and screws.

The Bench Paws do cost a little more then the Bench Cookies at a price of $19.99 for a set of four paws, four dowels, and 4 screws. Made in Wyoming, USA.

[:cicn:] Woodworkers Supply