Are Forrest Saw Blades any good?

Are Forrest Saw Blades any good?

Chris   May 21, 2008  
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 forrest woodworker 2Well, are they? I have been in the construction business for almost 7 years now, and I have never heard of them until just recently. I also doubt that any of my co-workers have heard of them; if they had, they probably would be using their blades instead of the Diablo. So why is it that I have never heard of them? Probably like most construction workers, we use what we can readily find, and what we know works. This is one of the reasons, I am thinking of buying a 7 1/4" saw, and shelving my 6". It has become just too hard to find good 6" blades anymore.

I saw on another website, that the author recommended Forrest Woodworker II blades for his table saw. I had seen the same thing on his website over and over again, without even giving it a second thought. The other day I happened to see it again, and decided to see what this blade was all about. I did a Google search for Forrest Blades and found their website. One thing that really caught my attention, was the fact that they re-sharpen their own blades. I always doubted the fact that the local blade sharpener could match every single tooth on every saw blade to the original specs. Having the manufacture re-sharpen their own blades solves this problem.

I decided to see if Amazon carried their blades. They are one of the few online stores that have a huge stock on tools, and most of the time, the lowest price. If I cant find a tool locally, I go to Amazon next. Sure enough they have it in stock. I was then shocked to see the amount of 5 star reviews the Woodworker II has. At the time of this blog entry the 10" 40 tooth WWII has 111 out of 127 reviews being 5 stars. Sure it costs a little more then your average blade, but when you need straight cuts, and the blade is said to last 3x longer, it seems worth it.

They have a wide verity of sizes of blades to fit almost every saw imaginable, so be sure to check them out on their website, or check their selection on AmazonAre Forrest Saw Blades any good?.


One thing I forgot to mention. The new Festool Kapex KS 120 uses a 30mm arbor, and most saw blades are 5/8". What I got from reading Forrest's website, is that for  $9  they will make the saw blade with a larger arbor size. Or if you already own a blade, they can enlarge it for $11.  You do not have to be stuck with the stock Festool blades.