A Work Light That Wont Cause An Explosion

A Work Light That Wont Cause An Explosion

Chris   February 22, 2011  
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magnalight_halideMost of us can get away with using a cheap $5 halogen light to illuminate a room on the jobsite. But the light options for people working in areas that might be explosive, like near a gas leak, are a little harder to come by. The Magnalight Explosion Proof Metal Halide Light is what you need if you find yourself in an explosive situation. The metal halide light only draws 70 watts at .58 amps, but provides a 400 watt equivalent of light. It runs off of standard 120 VAC and comes with 100 feet of 16/3 SOOW cord ending in an explosion proof straight blade plug.

"More and more, gas companies continue to demand lightweight, first responder hazardous location lighting that they can use to repair gas mains onsite. The lightweight tripod can be collapsed, folded up and stored in the truck's tool box. The 70 watt metal halide casts a powerful beam and has a handle that allows the operator to carry and store the explosion proof light easily. Unlike some of our larger, more powerful wheeled tripods with larger 400 watt metal halide lights, this explosion proof light is designed to be lightweight, portable and easy to move around." said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics'

The Magnalight is no joke and is priced at over $1800. I guess hobby gas leak repair men will have to search for cheaper lighting options.

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