A New Spin On The Painter's Pyramid

A New Spin On The Painter's Pyramid

Chris   January 14, 2010  
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The makers of the very popular Painter's Pyramid are at it again with a spinoff called the Finishing Turntable. The Painter's Pyramid for those of you that don't know, is a simple but ingenious way to elevate your woodworking projects for finishing. The pyramid shape keeps your work piece stable, while the points do little to disturb your finish.

The Finishing Turntable as the name suggests, adds the ability to turn your workpiece for even easier finishing. With finishing, less handling usually means less problems and a better looking final result. There is also the added benefit of being able to now finish in a much smaller area then before. Instead of you having to move around your workpiece, you can relax and spin the workpiece.

Home Fixated has recently completed a review of the Finishing Turntable, and found it to be “simple to use”. When painting or staining by hand, they found that heavier objects were the most stable and less likely to shift. However when spray finishing weight was not an issue.

All in all the Finishing Turntable looks like a great idea, though the price might be a little high for some at $50.

Finishing Turntable
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