A Flame-less Way To Free Seized Bolts

A Flame-less Way To Free Seized Bolts

Chris   June 13, 2012  
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If you have ever come across one of those bolts that just wont budge and you have tried everything, including shed blood, your next option is to turn to the blowtorch. A little bit of heat can do wonders to loosen seized nuts, bolts, etc, but if you are not careful you can just as easily set your project ablaze.

You need a safer way, and induction may be the answer. There is a product called the Mini-Ductor II, and it has been designed to use induction to target the heat right where you needed it. The 110-volt hand held unit uses small induction coils that are sized to fit around different sized fasteners. At 1000 watts it heats just an area the size of the coil enough to help break free bolts. No open flame means less chances of a fire. If you find yourself constantly removing seized bolts, it might be worth it to spend $450 to get yourself a Mini-Ductor.

Mini-Ductor – Amazon
The Indector

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