4.0Ah Batteries, LED L-BOXX, 10.8V Radio announced from Bosch Germany

4.0Ah Batteries, LED L-BOXX, 10.8V Radio announced from Bosch Germany
Chris   August 09, 2012  
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4.0Ah Batteries, LED L-BOXX, 10.8V Radio announced from Bosch Germany
Sometimes when we want to get a sneak peek at possible future tools, all we have to do is take a look at what is coming out in Europe. We don't always get what is offered, but when Bosch Germany announces new tools we take notice.
Over these last couple of days Bosch Germany has made some pretty big announcements. Their first was the announcement of a new 18-volt cordless rotary hammer which now includes a chisel function and also just so happens to include new 4.0Ah Batteries. There is not much info on on the batteries, but they appear to be the same size as current Bosch batteries and they will still take only 45 minutes to charge. The Bosch  GBH 18 V-EC rotary hammer comes in an L-BOXX, includes two 4.0 batteries and a charger and will retail in Europe for 499 euros plus VAT.
LED L-Boxx
Bosch also announced a new unique L-BOXX that features a built in LED work light. The 60 LED light panel has been recessed into the top of an L-BOXX and houses its battery inside and you can adjust the position of the light by tilting the lid to any of four positions. The GLI PortaLED features three brightness settings and can run for up to three hours on the highest setting using an 18-volt 3.0Ah battery. The prices are between 145 and 154 euros plus VAT depending on the L-BOXX size you choose. There is also an option that includes a cordless drill/driver.
Bosch 10.8-volt radio
It has been a couple of years since Bosch came out with their latest radio and since the 10.8 line is becoming the go-to line, I guess Bosch Germany felt it was time to give these users a radio of their very own. The GML 10.8 V-LI is a compact AM/FM radio that can run off a Bosch 10.8 battery or can be used with the included power adaptor. It features two 5-watt speakers with 20 volume settings and 5 memory presets on each band. The GML 10.8 V-LI can be housed in half the space of an L-BOXX 102, and there is even an option to buy the radio as a kit that includes a drill driver. The drill kit plus radio, two batteries and a charger will retail for 209 euros plus VAT, while the radio alone will retail for 99 euros plus VAT.


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