12 Volts – Enough Power?

12 Volts – Enough Power?

Chris   February 17, 2010  
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These last couple of years we have seen a large amount of growth in the way of 12 volt cordless tools. 12 volt tools are nothing new; just a few years ago they were pretty much the top of the line. Of course men being men, we needed more and moved towards higher powered tools as they have become available.

Now with lithium ion technology, batteries are much smaller then they once were. Because of this, manufacturers are now able to bring us even more tools in the more compact 12 volt battery. One thing to note is that some manufacturers tools are labeled as 10.8 volt while some are 12 volt. The fact is that they are both the same.

Every major brand has tools using 12 volt technology with tools for many different applications. Some 12 volt tools include: drills, impact drivers, flashlights, right angle drivers, vacuums, oscillation multi-tools, metal shears, auto hammers, and more.

My question is for those of you that own these tools. Do you feel they offer enough power to complete the job? In what applications are you using these tools?