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Chris   September 28, 2011   0   0  
I remember as a small child playing with the little playground sandbox excavators. I would dig as deep as I could, and when I reached the depth limit of the toy, I would spin around and start a new hole. Digging holes was a lot of fun and I would would waste many a lunchtime doing it. As adults we often don't have the opportunity to do the simple things that made us happy as a child, but now thanks to a new attraction in Las Vegas, we can all be excavator operators again,...
Backyard Games - Episode 2: Trash Talking. Powered by Husqvarna.
Chris   June 06, 2011   2   0  
It is not everyday that a webshow comes along that is actually entertaining, heck, it is hard enough coming across a real TV show that can capture us for a half hour. Backyard Games, on the other hand is so entertaining that I wanted more then what the 8 minute webshow gave me. As the name suggests, Backyard Games is indeed a game show, and it pits two real guys against each other with challenges using backyard Husqvarna tools. The challenges are put together in a fun manner, and the hosts do a good job of poking fun at...
Australian Open: how to solve a dead spot
Chris   January 20, 2011   1   0  
Last night tennis ran into a little problem on one of the courts at the Australian Open, but lucky for us there was a man with a cordless drill to save the day. Tennis is a simple game, but it can only be played if the tennis balls are allowed to bounce. However, last night there was an issue within a small area of the court surface in the Hisense Arena that prevented the balls from bouncing. What looks like a simple coated concrete surface on TV is actually very complex; consisting of multiple layers of rubber...
Chris   December 27, 2010   0   0  
If not for the creation of sites like Youtube, we would probably never get to see how creative people can be when sharing a music video about a Shop Vac. Not only is the song very catchy, but the kinetic typography styled animation is also very impressive. It only took 500 to 1000 hours to complete the animation, and I am sure the music was no walk in the park either. I should probably point out that this is not an official Shop Vac song or video. Enjoy.  
Chris   October 14, 2010   0   0  
The Guys from Ask This Old House made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, where they showed Jimmy a few tips on dealing with some common household issues. They tackled everything from punching holes into walls, to how to flush golf balls down a toilet. The best part is, no one got hurt. It was fun to watch, so in case you missed it you can check out the videos after the Read More.
Chris   October 11, 2010   0   0  
It is just about time to head out to the store or local farm and pick out the perfect pumpkin/s; pumpkin carving season is upon us. But with this season comes a question that likely becomes harder and harder each year. Use hand tools, or go electric? In this episode of Man vs Tool, they did a head to head to head battle with wood carving tools going up against a Dremel rotary tool, going up against a Dremel pumpkin carving kit. First they used a Bosch jigsaw, and a Skil electric drill with a Marshalltown ribbon mixing...
Chris   October 20, 2009   0   0  
As you might know, Bosch just recently introduced a complete line of pneumatic nailers and compressors. Below is a pretty thorough video, introducing the Bosch BNS200-18 brad nailer. I also go over some of the features and talk about my likes and dislikes. One dislike I forgot to mention in the video, is the lack of a hook of some type. As a professional, one of the things that really makes my life easier is a belt hook. Milwaukee by far has the best belt hook I have seen. It rotates 360 degrees and has a...
Chris   April 10, 2009   0   0  
I think the video pretty much says it all. So here is the question I have for you: Will you watch these videos and admit it, or will you watch these videos in secret? Check out her YouTube channel for the latest videos. via- Toologics
Chris   January 28, 2009   0   0  
Think of all the cool things we would be missing out on if YouTube wasn't around. Sure there were other video sharing sites before YouTube. But YouTube made home videos popular, and changed the home video world as we know it. This is how you load a Bobcat onto a truck without a ramp.
Chris   December 23, 2008   0   0  
For a while now, I have been thinking about getting a scroll saw. I have never owned one, but I like the idea of being able to make things like ornaments, signs, etc. Plus being a finish carpenter, I always end up with extra wood, that sometimes is too nice to let go to waste. I am the type of person that likes to research everything before I buy (one of the reasons I started Tool-Rank) and wanted to see the types of things that can be made with a scroll saws. I headed over to YouTube to...
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