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Chris   September 27, 2008   0   0  
I just want to say a few things about Tool-Rank and why I started the site, and also go over a few plans/ideas I have for the future. I am a full time finish carpenter, and run Tool-Rank in all my after work time. The reason I started Tool-Rank is simple. I was/am tired of seeing tool companies taking tools in the wrong direction. It started with one particular saw that was great when it came out new, but started to show its weakness as new innovative features started to appear in its competition. I had expectations...
Chris   September 08, 2008   0   0  
I have added a comment system to all tool reviews. Now you will be able to ask questions, or add comments about a tool or review. This is replacing the old comment system that was used to link tool reviews with the forums. This should be a better system having both on the same page. So be sure to check back on your reviews every once in a while to see if there are any comments.
Chris   September 06, 2008   0   0  
It was suggested that I add a blog aggregator to the front page, so a spent a good amount of time trying to find something that would work well and still look good. After a long search, and trying out a few that looked good, I found something that worked well and looked OK . I then spent a good amount of last night styling it to make it look better, and get everything to line up correctly. I have added it to the right sidebar, and have used it to replace the blog links. When you...
Chris   September 04, 2008   0   0  
As a test run I have added the ability for users to submit their own blogs. You will notice user PutnamEco has added the very first user blog.This is a feature I would like to keep, as long as it doesn't get abused. For right now they will remain on the front page, but they might end up getting moved later on. Try to keep your blogs tool related. If you have ever wanted to have your own tool blog, now is the time to get started. Don't know what a blog is? Here is Wikipedia's...
Chris   September 02, 2008   0   0  
There was a bug in the entry form that was preventing Internet Explorer users from selecting a state. I believe this error has been fixed. Please let me know if it was not. Sorry for the inconvenience.  You still have the rest of this month to enter. Good Luck
Chris   August 02, 2008   0   0  
 UPDATE: Everything is working again.   The site email seems to be down right now. Therefore you might not be able to receive your confirmation email after you have registered. If you have registered and have not received your conformation email please contact me via the contact form, and I will add you manually. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Chris   July 28, 2008   0   0  
I just want to update everyone and let you know that we have a few new tool reviews coming soon. These will be different then the normal reviews found in the reviews sections. These will be full indepth reviews including pictures from box opening, all the way to tool usage. You can expect to see the Bosch PS40-2 Impactor and Ps20 Drill from the Giveaway contest. You will also get 2 reviews for Final Cut products. One using their 10" saw blade, and another with their 12" abrasive disks. We at Tool-Rank look forward to...
Chris   July 11, 2008   0   0  
This is just a Pre-announcement. is going to be hosting its first tool giveaway. We will be giving away a Bosch Ps40-2 Impactor that we will be using for our first in depth review. Bosch is offering a free PS20(tool only) with Mail in rebate, so the winner will also receive it as well. In order to be eligible for the contest, you must be a registered user, with at least 10 tool reviews. You can not split up tool packages in order to get more reviews, e.g., a pack...
Chris   February 28, 2008   0   0  
If you haven't noticed yet, today is the 29th day of February. That means that today is a leap day, and that we are in a leap year. Cool huh. If you are a math/science whiz, you can read more about it at Today is also special because it is the first post of the new tool blog. You can look forward to reading about the latest and greatest tools here. Enjoy
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