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Chris   February 04, 2009   0   0  
Some people cook with torches... On a few occasions I have whittled a fork out of a wood shim. Men have always used the tools around the job for cooking. Because of this manufactures have started to design their tools to look like the tools on the job. One example is the Klein BBQ Tool Set . Now you can tell your coworkers you cut your pizza with a circular saw with the new Pizza-Pro 3000. All that is missing is a track for super accurate straight cuts. It runs on the...
Chris   January 26, 2009   0   0  
While browsing through YouTube the other day I came across some videos from a user named Matthiaswandel. He has some pretty cool videos of some of his woodworking projects, and gadgets, but one that I thought you all might enjoy is his homemade tenon cutting jig. You can read about his jig on his site.
Chris   November 11, 2008   0   0  
  Do you have problems keeping your hard earned cash from growing legs? Or Maybe you just need an emergency stash in case something goes wrong. The spy bolt can keep your money well hidden from would be thieves. Simply unscrew the top of the bolt to revel the hollowed out innards. Then you can simply place the bolt in your junk drawer, or even install it onto something. Just be sure to keep track of where it is at all times. You dont want $500 in cash getting away because you sold your jar of...
Chris   October 30, 2008   0   0  
What do you do, when you have more then one brand of cordless tools? Like most people, you probably have to carry around a charger for each brand. This can be a real pain, and take up a lot of valuable space. In many cases, more tools = more trips to the truck. This is where the 10C CREW multi-brand charger can save you time, which equals money. It can charge 4 batteries all from different manufacturers at the same time via special adapters (sold separately). It doesn't even matter if the battery types are...
Chris   October 07, 2008   0   0  
What do you do when you need to hand sand something on the job? If you are like me you grab an extra sanding belt from your electric belt sander, cut a piece of wood to length and width, and then try to get a tight fit inside your belt. For a while now I have been thinking of how I could improve upon this method.     The SandDevil is the answer to all of my complaints, and is actually exactly what I was thinking of building myself. It works...
Chris   April 19, 2008   0   0  
This isn't your average iPod dock, this bad boy has just about everything the man on the job needs. You wont being seeing these in the dorm rooms, or at some girly cafe. Complete with AM/FM tuner, and Ipod dock, the specs also say it can play music from a USB flash stick or SD card. You will also notice the heavy duty roll cage and GFCI outlets. It also has 2 DC ports to plug in your phone or maybe XM?, and it has a 5 volt USB charger for, I guess your non-iPod MP3 players. If you thought...
Chris   March 05, 2008   0   0  
Ridgid has now joined the pack. They are now part of the wonderful world of jobsite radios. Ridgid also has a little extra to offer, a built in NASCAR scanner. Now I don't know how many people could use a NASCAR scanner, but it should make the NASCAR fans happy.
27 results - showing 21 - 27  
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