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Chris   January 12, 2011   0   0  
Introduction Porter-Cable first announced their ultra compact line of 12-volt tools back in August of 2010. They were one of the last of the major brands to make tools in the ultra compact category, but they had a few extra features that set them apart, as well as a lower price. One tool in the new line that caught my eye was their version of the ultra compact reciprocating saw; it had a new simple clamping feature that looked like could really come in handy. Porter-Cable was awesome enough to send their ClampSaw to...
Bosch DareDevil spade drill bit review
Chris   October 27, 2008   1   0  
You might remember a past post Bosch introduces their new DareDevil spade bit line, where Bosch introduces a self feeding spade bit.
Spring Tools 32R12-1 1/32 to 2/32-Inch Combination Nail Set
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Chris   January 16, 2008   0   2  
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Combination Nail Sets - These Tools Are Ideal For Setting and Countersinking Different Sized Nails and Brads. The Tool Has a Different Sized Nail Set on Each End of the Tool. Professional Painters and Finish Carpenters Love This Tool and Tell Us It's The Perfect Tool To Fix "Shiners" that Happen When Nail Guns Fail to Drive the Brad Below the Surface of the Wood. Our Tool Effectively Repairs the Problem Without Damaging the Wood. A Must Have For All Woodworkers and Painters!
13 results - showing 11 - 13  
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