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Tool Blog
Chris   November 10, 2014   1   1  
Tool bags are probably the best way to organize and keep the tools you use most within arm’s reach, however, they also have a habit of getting in the way when you are working in tight spaces. The TrakBelt360 is a new tool belt design that lets you load up on your most used tools, and then rotate them out of the way when they are in your way.
Veto Pro Pac MC
Tool Blog
Chris   September 03, 2014   1   0  
Veto Pro Pac has expanded their line of tool bags quite a bit over the last few years by moving into tech bags, pouches, and laptop bags. With their new Model MC tool bag they are taking a step back to their initial contractor series design, but have gone smaller.
Tool Blog
Chris   February 10, 2014   0   4  
Veto Pro Pac is launching a new line of rugged totes that feature the same high build quality that we have come to expect from the company. Like their Contractors Series of tool bags, the Cargo Totes are made with Veto's signature 3mm thick polypropylene water proof base, and 1800 denier fabric for the body. Continuing up to the handles, Veto chose to go with leather grips, which are both durable and comfortable.
Klein Introduces New Storage Bags For Tech Devices
Tool Blog
Chris   October 23, 2013   1   1  
Klein has launched a new line of storage and laptop bags for professional tradesmen and technicians. In addition to a backpack and a shoulder bag capable of holding a laptop or tablet, they have also introduced a trio of meter carrying cases and a pair of smartphone cases.
New Tool Pouches And Aprons From Rockler
Chris   September 23, 2013   0   5  
For the most part Rockler caters their stores and their tools to people who work in shop environments, and their own products are no different. Rockler has come out with a new line of tool pouches and aprons that have been designed to meet the different needs of those working in a shop, including the ability to use them off the belt.
Dickies tote
Manufacturer News
Chris   May 17, 2013   0   5  
Dickies, who is known for their affordable work wear, has announced that they have teamed up with JS Products to come out with a complete line of tool bags and accessories. From the look of it, the line is extensive and even includes bags specifically for painters and their tools.
6 results - showing 1 - 6