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Power Tool Company Now Sponsoring Woman's Tennis
Manufacturer News
Chris   December 09, 2011   0   4  
Power tools and tennis do not seem like they would go well with each other, but as we found out way back in January, a cordless drill saved tennis when it was used to pop an air bubble that formed on the surface of the court at the Australian Open. The latest tool/tennis match-up has tennis being used to sell power tools.
Australian Open: how to solve a dead spot
Chris   January 20, 2011   1   0  
Last night tennis ran into a little problem on one of the courts at the Australian Open, but lucky for us there was a man with a cordless drill to save the day. Tennis is a simple game, but it can only be played if the tennis balls are allowed to bounce. However, last night there was an issue within a small area of the court surface in the Hisense Arena that prevented the balls from bouncing. What looks like a simple coated concrete surface on TV is actually very complex; consisting of multiple layers of rubber...
2 results - showing 1 - 2