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Johnson Level Layout Square Giveaway
Chris   April 01, 2013   0   1  

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April 30, 2013
There is something common we all need when working on any type of project, and that is good layout and marking tools. But one tool is not good enough for every task. This month Tool-Rank has teamed up with Johnson Level to give away three of their newest layout squares so that you are ready to tackle your projects.
Johnson Carbonized Bamboo T-Bevel (1926-1000)
Chris   February 04, 2013   0   4  
A couple of years ago Johnson Level first introduced their bamboo levels. Bamboo is advantageous to use for a number of reasons including strength and sustainability, so is it any wonder that they have decided to introduce a line of T-Bevels and Try-Squares that use the fast growing grass?
Superior Works Sliding Bevel
Chris   July 07, 2011   1   0  
In 1872 J. Robinson patented the first butt-locking sliding t-bevel, and ever since, his model has been the paradigm to all other models. It is an invaluable tool for people of all trades and can be used to easily duplicate and transfer any angle you can find; with a little help from a protractor, these angles can even be identified. The only downside to the t-bevel is that it can not be used to accurately set 90-degree angles. Almost 140 years later Patrick Leach comes along and sets a new paradigm with his new sliding t-bevel that...
Chris   June 28, 2011   0   0  
Swanson, the makers of the ever popular Speed Square, have come out with a new layout tool that does it all, or almost all. Their new Speed bevel has all the features and looks of their classic Speed Square, but with a little transformer magic, turns into a T-bevel. With a little more transformation you have a try-square; in total the Speed Bevel offers 5 different layout tools in its one small fold-able package. Heck, the fact that you can fold down and make a Speed Square smaller, is all it took to sell me on...
4 results - showing 1 - 4