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Studpop Magnetic Stud Finder
Chris   March 05, 2014   1   3  
Studpop is a new stud finder design that uses a magnet to locate the studs in your walls. Using magnets to find studs is nothing new, not only have I been using this method for years, but it is also my method of choice. Typical magnetic stud finders are not perfect though, but Studpop seems to have found the solution.
Chris   June 04, 2009   0   0  
When I say cheap and mean the best kind of cheap, FREE. If you are reading this, it is probably pretty safe for me to assume that you own a computer. If you have the same luck that I have with hard drives, it is also very likely you have a couple dead or retired ones around the house. Inside these hard drives are a couple very powerful neodymium magnets aka rare earth magnets. With these magnets you will be able to detect metal studs from behind drywall and other materials. You can also use these magnets...
2 results - showing 1 - 2