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Preview of Swanson's New Professional Savage Hand Tools
Chris   November 14, 2011   0   3  
Update: Website and additional photos added. Early next year Swanson Tools will be launching a new professional line of hand tools called Savage. Now I always figured Swanson tools were already for professionals, so I guess this new line of tools will be for more professional professionals, not just your everyday run of the mill professional.
Chris   August 24, 2011   0   0  
DeWalt has just announced the launch of their new 3-beam line-laser (DW089K), and oh how I love to use lasers at work. They make leveling so easy that it is funny to even think about going back to using regular levels to mark long level lines across walls. I think the line-laser is one of the most invaluable tools on the jobsite, at least in my trade. The DW089K is not unlike other line-lasers on the market today, but it does have a rather handy added feature, a third laser line. This extra vertical line gives...
Chris   June 28, 2011   0   0  
Swanson, the makers of the ever popular Speed Square, have come out with a new layout tool that does it all, or almost all. Their new Speed bevel has all the features and looks of their classic Speed Square, but with a little transformer magic, turns into a T-bevel. With a little more transformation you have a try-square; in total the Speed Bevel offers 5 different layout tools in its one small fold-able package. Heck, the fact that you can fold down and make a Speed Square smaller, is all it took to sell me on...
Chris   June 27, 2011   0   0  
You know I love lasers, they automatically make everything cooler, and the Johnson 40-6616 tiling and flooring laser square is no exception. This cool little squaring laser projects two lines across the floor that are 90-degrees apart, thus making it ideal for the flooring trades. But you don't have to be one of the flooring trades to get good use out of this tool; the 40-6616 works great for anyone needing to make squaring lines on the floor. Though the 40-6616 uses new technology like lasers, the tool itself is very simple in design...
Chris   November 23, 2010   0   0  
Woodpeckers, makers of precision woodworking tools, has announced that for this week only they will be accepting orders for some pretty cool limited run T-Squares. The squares are machined from solid billet aircraft grade aluminum and can be purchased in both metric and imperial sizes. Each square is machined with precision in mind and features micro-fine 1mm holes that the tip of a pencil can fit through. These holes are spaced 1/32nd of an inch apart for the imperial version, .5mm apart for the metric version and run the length of the the square. Users are...
5 results - showing 1 - 5