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New? Lightweight Magnesium Worm Drive Saw From Bosch
Tool Blog
Chris   January 21, 2014   0   2  
Not too long ago Skil came out with a new Magnesium Worm Drive Saw, and people on the internet quickly noticed that it looked less like previous Skil saw designs and more like the worm drive saws by Bosch. Well that news wasn't that surprising considering both brands are part of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. Now Bosch has announced that they too have come out with a new Magnesium Worm Drive Saw (CSW41), and except for the colors and some branding it looks just like the Skil MAG77LT. So did Bosch copy Skil who copied Bosch, or did...
Buyers Guides
Chris   May 03, 2013   0   1  
Does your mom use power tools? Does she ask to borrow yours? Mother's Day is less than 10 days away and is coming upon us fast, so why not buy her a drill of her very own? Skil makes one in pink, so she will automatically love it.
Chris   April 23, 2013   1   1  
There is no doubt the original Skil77 is still a popular tool on the jobsite and it has seen few changes over the years. People seem to be happy with the design and always ask that it be left alone, but when pushed further they do wish it were lighter. The MAG77 was Skil's first lighter 77, but the MAG77LT goes even further.
Lowes Christmas Deals Now And Upcoming Black Friday Deals
Hot Deals
Chris   November 07, 2012   0   1  
It is never too early to start shopping for Christmas or to at least start planning for your Christmas shopping. To help you plan your shopping Lowe’s has pre-announced a few of their Black Friday deals, and if you are ready to start shopping now, Lowe’s has a number of tools already marked down. Some of these are really good deals that are much lower than what Amazon is selling them at, including the tools that are on sale right now.
Rare 12-inch Pneumatic Skil Saw Model 2127 Shows Up On Ebay
Chris   July 27, 2012   0   1  
Antique tool collectors might be interested in this rare WW2 era pneumatic (worm drive?) Skil Saw. Some of you older tool users may have heard folklore about such a tool, and maybe a rare few have even seen this mystical tool in person.
Skilsaw Model 77 Celebrates 75 Years With Special Anniversary Edition
Manufacturer News
Chris   April 30, 2012   1   1  
Skil introduced the Model 77 Skilsaw in 1937 and I imagine the saw played a large part in the rebuilding of America following the years after the Great Depression. 75 years later and the Skilsaw Model 77 is still around and we are going through what seems like another depression.
Chris   June 03, 2009   0   0  
People now more then ever before are looking for tools at a great price. They want to be able to finish those jobs at home without paying someone to do the job for them, but they might not have the proper tools. Skil has a new 7-1/4 inch circular saw out that might be just what you are looking for. The new HD5687 from Skilsaw has a good bit of power at 15 amps, a nice long 8-foot cord, and weights in at only 10.8 pounds. Some key features include: ...
7 results - showing 1 - 7