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SketchUp 2013
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Chris   May 23, 2013   0   1  
Less than a year ago SketchUp left the Google family and joined the Trimble family. I am sure like most of you, I expected some improvements to come from this deal. After all, why buy something like SketchUp, if you are just going to keep it the same? With SketchUp 2013 we get to see what Trimble has done with their baby.
Dumt & Farligt - Phantom Flex Highlights - 1080p
Weekend Links
Chris   April 28, 2012   1   0  
DeWALT 4.0Ah 20V MAX Batteries Spotted in the Wild – Tools In Action Are you hungry for more cordless tool runtime? A 4.0Ah battery was spotted on a store shelf the land from down under. Could this be a sign of things to come? Remember, some of the major brands just recently made the move from 2.8Ah up to 3.0Ah. Do they want to get into an Ah race where size is also factor? Google sells 3D modeling tool SketchUp to Trimble Navigation – The Verge SketchUp is a popular...
Mud Math Figuring Concrete Volume with SketchUp
Chris   March 08, 2012   1   0  
Google SketchUp is a powerful 3D design tool, and builders have taken notice and are using it to help with their daily work.  You can design and build a house in 3D from scratch, or you can go into finer details and use SketchUp to calculate those tricky compound miter angles. Another handy trick that can be used by professionals and DIYers alike is calculating the volume of concrete needed for a job.
Chris   April 21, 2011   0   0  
Unless you are using a standard angle crown molding that matches you saw's presets, and you are only doing 45 degrees corners, calculating the correct angles for your crown is no walk in the park. This is why miter finding tools are so handy. But if you are a DIYer, you probably don't want to spend money on a tool you will probably only use once or twice. Good thing for you, with a little bit of work, Google SketchUp can calculate those angles for you. All you have to do is photograph the profile of...
4 results - showing 1 - 4