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New Seek Shot and Seek ShotPRO Cameras from Seek Thermal
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Chris   November 01, 2018   1   1  
Seek Thermal, a leader in thermal imaging technology, has announced the launch of two new products designed to serve the needs of commercial trade professionals. The new Seek Shot and Seek ShotPRO are two handheld thermal cameras that can detect heat, which allows professionals to identify potential issues on the job.
Seek Thermal Camera Review
Chris   July 03, 2015   0   14  
It is always a shame when a tool exists that could improve how you do your job but it is priced too high for you to be able to take advantage it. This was unfortunately the case with most thermal imaging cameras, up until a little company named Seek came along and introduced a Thermal Imaging Camera that is priced low enough for more people to take advantage of the technology. Seek made it affordable by making it an accessory to smartphones, but how well does it really work?
2 results - showing 1 - 2