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Motorizing and test driving the scaffold
Chris   March 21, 2014   1   0  
Matthias Wandel, of once again proves that he can build pretty much anything out of wood and other scraps he has lying around his shop. In previous videos he built himself a wooden scaffold to reach the lights that needed to be changed in his large shop. In his latest video he uses more scrap wood and a drill to motorize his scaffold, complete with forward, reverse, and steering. The results are more impressive than you might have thought.
Roughneck Scaffolding Shelf
Tool Blog
Chris   August 14, 2013   2   1  
Working from a scaffold can already be a challenge, being confined to a small footprint with a drop-off only a few feet away. And as tough as it might be, adding heavy tools into the mix makes it that much harder. So why not add a shelf to your scaffold and save yourself some trouble?
Chris   June 25, 2010   0   0  
I did not know this up until a few months ago, but we lost another great American company last year. The failing economy has claimed a lot of businesses, and back in December 2009 Perry Scaffolding closed their doors for good. It is hard to think that a company that had a foot on just about every jobsite I have ever been on could not survive, but unfortunately stuff like this just happens. Sure there are other US manufacturers that produce great scaffold systems, but what about the person that wants to add to their existing Perry...
3 results - showing 1 - 3