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Porter-Cable Restorer Review
Chris   November 11, 2016   0   11  
A few years ago I wrote about an impressive looking tool that appeared to offer "the versatility of an angle grinder with the ability to follow the grain like a belt sander", but sadly, said tool was only a prototype. Today that tool is now available to the masses, known as the Porter-Cable Restorer, and I am happy that I am finally able to test it out and give it a review.
Bosch OS50VC 3.4-Amp Variable Speed 1/2-Sheet Orbital Finishing Sander with Vibration Control
Chris   March 25, 2013   0   1  
Bosch has come out with a new ½-sheet orbital sander that they say delivers the "smoothest handling" and a "fine finish", thanks in part to their new vibration control system. Personally, I just think the new Bosch OS50VC ½-Sheet Sander looks cool.
Craftsman Tools Save The Justice League
Manufacturer News
Chris   October 02, 2012   0   3  
Who do we turn to when we need saving? Why the Justice League of course. But who does the Justice League turn to when the Hall of Justice needs saving from disrepair? Apparently they turn to the Craftsman Technician and his trusty Craftsman Bolt-On Modular Tool System.
Ridgid Trim Router And 1/4-Sheet Sander Only $99 At
Hot Deals
Chris   January 18, 2012   0   1  
Ridgid's Trim router is a pretty good deal at around 100 bucks and the user reviews seem to back it up, but what if you could get an even better deal? Well of course this is a Hot Deal article, so a better deal does in fact exist. Home Depot is currently selling the Ridgid Trim Router for only $99, but it also includes a FREE bonus Ridgid 1/4-sheet sander; the sander alone sells for just under $50. The reviews on the sander do not seem to be as good as the reviews on the router, buy hey, you...
4 results - showing 1 - 4