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Gorilla glue sucks (at filling gaps)
Tool Blog
Chris   December 05, 2013   1   0  
People thinking they can use Gorilla Glue (the original polyurethane glue) for every application might want to think twice. Matthias Wandel from put the glue to the test and found out what its strengths and weaknesses are.
Festool Domino XL Mortise and Tenon Joiner
Manufacturer News
Chris   December 23, 2011   1   0  
It is rare that a company turns to the public in search of product testers and even rarer that we actually know what the product is beforehand, but such is the case this time. Festool is seeking 25 people to test out their new Domino XL and provide their feedback. As I think you can gather from the name, the Domino XL is much like the original Domino, only larger.
Chris   December 07, 2011   0   0  
One of the reasons I started Tool-Rank was so that everyday average DIY'ers or construction workers would have their voices heard by the manufacturers. This is done through user reviews, user comments, polls, and today, a survey that pays you $$$.
3 results - showing 1 - 3