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Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2015
Tool Blog
Gary   June 19, 2015   1   7  
Attending Milwaukee Tool Company's 2015 new product symposium gives me the responsibility of sharing with you some of Milwaukee's great new tools; but this year, more so than others, I have the greater (the bound) responsibility of not sharing some of what Milwaukee has for us in the near future. So, bound by contract until August 1st, about that I'll just say that Milwaukee Tool Company is still all about disruptive innovation. However, since the purpose of the event is to reveal (not conceal) their new tools, let me start by highlighting a few.
SawStop Jobsite Table Saw
Tool Blog
Chris   December 03, 2014   0   1  
SawStop has announced that they will finally be coming out with a portable Jobsite Table Saw. While it would have been easy for them to simply make a smaller, lighter, table saw featuring their finger-saving technology, they actually added some innovative new features. Unfortunately, the Jobsite SawStop is still priced well above what most people can afford.
Preview: Marlow Dynamics Flush-Cut Reciprocating Saw Attachment
Tool Blog
Chris   January 07, 2014   0   2  
Being able to flush-cut on a reciprocating saw is a much sought-after feature, so much so, that in addition to the extra-flexible blades that make the feature possible, DeWalt designed a saw around the feature. But do you really need a special saw or hard to use flimsy blades? A company called Marlow Dynamics thinks they have a better way.
Chris   May 30, 2013   4   1  
The Rolabrader is a new tool prototype that appears to offer the versatility of an angle grinder with the ability to follow the grain like a belt sander. But do you have any more room left in your toolbox for yet another awesome looking tool?
4 results - showing 1 - 4