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Ooznest WorkBee CNC
Tool Blog
Chris   September 26, 2017   0   3  
I have been researching CNC Router Kits lately, trying to see if it would be worth it for me to automate some of the work I have been doing. One thing that bothers me with what I have been seeing is the way the drive mechanisms are exposed to dust and debris. My other concern is with the rigidity of CNC routers made using extruded aluminum. However, the new C-Beam based WorkBee from Ooznest seems to address both of my concerns while still remaining modular.
Ooznest Launches New Hobby CNC Based On Openbuilds OX
Tool Blog
Chris   July 22, 2016   0   3  
Ooznest has announced that they have released a new hobbyist CNC Router Kit that is based on the OX CNC by Openbuilds. The full machine kit would allow users to mill parts from wood, plastic, and soft metals from their home shop or garage.
2 results - showing 1 - 2